Last month I received an email from a Canadian model shop - Clinton J. Smith from CEEJAY Truck Load Sales, based in Saskatchewan, Canada, had heard about our clubhouse fire and was wanting to make a donation to the club to help us get going again.  His business, CEEJAY Truck Load Sales, sells die-cast scale trucks, specialising in HO scale trucks and loads, as well as HO scale licence plates. After a few email exchanges, a package arrived in the post from Canada, containing the following:  3 trucks with trailers, a flatbed truck with load, cab unit, trailer with load, road grader, police cruiser and a sample pack of Alpha Precision abrasives - £100 worth of goodies!!

It just shows what an amazing community model railroading is!  Completely unexpected and exceedingly generous!

So, many thanks to Clinton Smith from CEEJAY Truck Load Sales for this very generous donation!  You can find out more about CEEJAY Truck Load Sales by visiting their website at

Donation from CEEJAY Truck Load Sales

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